Bar & Pub Interior Design

Our bar interior design service starts with an in-depth client discovery process and market analysis. We get to know you, your vision and your ideal target demographic so we can piece together the ideal components for your new venture. The food and beverage sector is incredibly competitive, but consider us your competitive advantage. We know how to maximise the space available, create iconic venues that get people talking, and do it all with a keen eye on the bottom line. In short, we help to deliver a strong return on investment by creating popular spaces to socialise.


Whatever your vision, we can help to bring it to life. From boutique gin bars to traditional British pubs, we have the skills and experience to deliver something refreshing and unique. As a full-service design agency, we can assist with every stage of the process. From initial design concepts to project management, we’re invested in the process and share your motivation every step of the way. We can help to motivate teams to stay on time and on budget. Pubs and bars should be first and foremost a place for human connection, but this cannot happen without careful attention to detail in the design process.

Intuitive design for improved functionality.

An efficient bar design is a more profitable bar design. Small design features will enable you to make the most of the space available, with flexible zoning that increases capacity. Our experience in back bar design also allows us to flex our creativity in making the space as functional and intuitive as possible for your staff. When they have everything they need thanks to our considered design, they can focus on delivering first-class customer service.