Dhillon's lounge

Customer: Dhillon's Brewery and Coventry Building Society Arena
Services: Bar Interior Design Industry: Hospitality
Introducing our latest project at the Coventry Building Society Arena marking another remarkable chapter in our creative partnership with Dhillon's Brewery Ltd.
Dhillon's allow us to push the boundaries of design and their focus on thinking outside the box and coming up with industry-disrupting concepts is closely aligned with the Black Ivy Design core values.


Dhillon’s Lounge marks a new partnership between Coventry Building Society Arena and local microbrewery, Dhillon’s Brewery. The 400 square meter bar has a capacity of 300 and is designed to offer flexibility and versatility. The dynamic events space can be partitioned and divided for events, conferences and meetings, while also offering a haven for Coventry City fans on match days. Black Ivy Design specialises in bar interior design and has an extensive track record of collaborating with the Dhillon’s Brewery brand.


From an operational point of view, the room had to be a flexible space that caters to a wide spectrum of users. One day, it could be functioning as an event space, and the next it could be a conference venue. And let’s not forget, when match day comes around the lounge provides a social space for up to 300 excited Coventry City fans.

The lounge is a very large space and needed multiple points of interest to intrigue the customer and keep them engaged. Having worked with Dhillon’s Brewery in the past on multiple projects, including The Spire Bar and Sky Blue Tavern, we were already familiar with the brand and their strong presence in the city.

Our focus was on the task of enhancing the customer experience through intelligent design. We were tasked with transforming a vacant space into something dynamic and unique that fits within the Dhillon’s Brewery brand.


This is not our first collaboration with Dhillon’s Brewery. We have previously completed interior design projects for The Spire Bar and the Sky Blue Tavern. Working with a client over many years allows us to develop an instinct for their vision, and this was certainly the case with Dhillon’s Lounge.

Despite our extensive work history, we still carry out the same discovery process for every project, allowing us to get to the heart of the client’s wishes. Thankfully, their focus on thinking outside the box and coming up with industry-disrupting design is very closely aligned with the Black Ivy Design core values.



“The Dhillon’s Lounge looks fantastic and will be a real asset to the venue, be that on matchdays for hundreds of fans, or for conference and exhibition organisers looking for a versatile space to host events.”

– Paul Michael, Managing Director of Coventry Building Society Arena