Conceptual & CGI



Bring your vision to life with our conceptual interior design services. Our innovative design team use a range of tools from hand-drawn sketches and CGI to help you visualise you dream space. 

Communicate your brand values and ethos to help secure interest in your project from key stakeholders. Start the storytelling process through eye-catching concepts and CGI renders.


Inspiring interior design tells a story through texture, colour, light and form.  We work exclusively for the hospitality sector to create spaces that encourage  visitors to be thoroughly immersed in their surroundings. 

We are also mindful of how staff will interact with these spaces and how we can make them as intuitive as possible for employees. 

From large international corporations to small independent companies,  we can provide a full-service interior design that identifies the narrative and communicates this with confidence. Every brand has a story to tell, and we’re here to help you bring this to life through commercially  compelling and inspiring hospitality interior design.


Every project begins with an in-depth discovery process to understand your motivations, your competition, your ideal demographic and what you hope to achieve. Through extensive research, we can understand the impact you hope to achieve and share in your objectives. For conceptual and CGI work, we use the latest digital technology to bring your ideas to life. The intention is to help you visualise the space, get a feel for the textures and materials, and understand how the design elements work alongside one another. When multiple concepts are presented alongside one another, there is typically a clear winner, which can make the process of making final design choices much simpler.