Best Commercial Interior Design Trends for 2023

As we enter 2023, commercial interior design trends have never been so reflective of the political and social implications we are facing. Consumer mindset is cautious, craving authenticity from brands they need to know they can trust and rely on. Therefore, transparency is key in portraying core values in building a brand alongside a safe environment to foster those relationships. This has never been more important than today, an age where wellbeing must be adopted to combat the effects of an uncertain few years. The pandemic has impacted how we interact and left an imprint on all our lives. 

Commercial Interior Design Trends: Wellbeing and Sustainability 

All businesses will need to rethink their strategy on how to implement wellbeing into their interior design. We will see this increasingly more in restaurants and hotels where using simple design elements can transform a space and elevate the guest experience. Designers have a responsibility to create spaces that focus on making people feel good and where they can create memorable, positive experiences. 

Sustainability and wellbeing are two of the most influencing trends we face stepping into 2023. We will see the increase of more sustainable materials and more natural textures. Tactility will be huge as people want to have their senses stimulated, boosting the popularity of products like raw natural clay plaster. Clay plaster absorbs excess moisture from the air creating breathable air, free of all toxins and has minimal carbon footprint.

Biophysical design shows no sign of going anywhere, plants are here to stay! We’ll see the rise of real rather than faux plants wherever possible. However, this tends to be dictated by the access to natural light and dependent on vigilant staff! 

We will also see a need for circular design and key topics such as reuse and repurpose. With questions on the longevity of a product with a “repair not replace” mantra. The quality of certain recycled materials is now at an all-time high with products such as Smile Plastics and key furniture items can be constructed purely from recycled materials providing quirky talking points. 

Circadian Lighting

Science has always taught us that the use of natural light and an innovative lighting design can positively affect people’s behaviour. Therefore, Circadian lighting design will become huge this year as designers will use lighting techniques to tap into and have a positive impact on our circadian rhythms. Changing moods and tempos from day to night with some simple techniques can increase moods and productivity.

Operators will have a responsibility to answer calls on sustainability. The Other House in South Kensington offers guests to check how sustainable they are on an app during their stay and have the option whether to have a daily clean as this affects their score. 


As the world moves towards a more digital age, brands need to embrace the use of apps and evolve with the times. Investing at this level can counteract the detrimental effect of staff shortages and result in increased revenues and by attracting a new wave of custom, improve profitability. This is becoming more and more evident with the use of QR codes in restaurants and bars and hotels with digital self-check-in systems which guests can do on their phones or at check in points through a computer. Although brands at this point still need to air on the side of caution. Not all consumers are there yet, and the ripple effects of the pandemic see a divide in what people want. There are some who welcome the safe, germ free and quicker option to check in or order a burger through an app but there are those who desire the human interaction and experience so having both options at this point in time are essential for a positive customer experience.

Work from anywhere

Another effect of the pandemic saw an increase in the WFH culture where being able to ‘work from anywhere’ can be a profitable revenue for venues. Many work from bars, hotel lobbies, restaurants. Therefore, venues who offer increased access points, strong WIFI, comfortable seating, ambient low music and engaging staff will encourage those workers to stay all day. Ordering copious amounts of tea while eating lunch and by creating the right atmosphere may encourage workers to stay well into the night. What brands need to do is create collaborative, ambient and relaxing spaces where workers can leverage ideas.

Experience venues 

2023 will see the rise of experience venues. The pandemic saw a shift in the way consumers want to be entertained. We live in a world of instant gratification due to the accessibility of mobile phones and the Instagram effect; consumers want to be wowed and experience something new whilst sharing the experience on their social channels. 

Bold and Dramatic interiors

2022 introduced the wider world to the Metaverse and whilst still in its infancy the trend is gaining more and more traction. With not much known on how this is going to impact our lives in the future. We will be seeing more bold colours influenced by the metaverse and this new direction. Pantone chose the colour Viva Magenta for its colour of the year for 2023. We expect to see more of these bold colours and influence which speaks to the Gen Z’s.